The Maison

Since 1815

The production process is followed by 11 highly qualified experts who deal with every production aspect of Delaroque Champagne. 

From the pressing of the grapes, to the fermentation, to the polishing of the bottles, to the manual application of the French pewter labels.
The team that gives birth to the Delarocque Champagne focuses on every detail, to guarantee the highest quality in every moment of its creative process.

The maison is located in Mesnil-sur-Oger, home of the great champagnes, one of the 17 towns classified as Champagne Grand Cru.

The Harvest

Every year during the harvest we select the best grapes that the land offers us through a manual and traditional harvesting method handed down from generation to generation.

The bunches are picked only if they have reached the correct ripeness and their integrity is preserved during transport.

In most cases, we use grapes from ultra-centennial vines to give the wine greater taste and expression.


Through the “champenoise” method, each bottle produced by our cellar is prepared with a unique dosage created from the finest bases of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier wine which is then vinified in French oak barrels which give the cuvée complexity and structure giving it pastry, vanilla and toasted notes.

" Each bottle produced is prepared with a unique dosage "

The Bottle

Once our champagne is ready, the French pewter label is manually applied to the bottle. Small differences between the various products should not be considered a defect, but unique distinctive features as the manual manufacturing process carries with it micro inaccuracies that further enhance the elegance and finesse of the product
-- Drink Responsibly --